AMERICA was founded on Christian Principles!

Welcome to GOD and COUNTRY!

Our morals have declined, our economy has declined, our Military has declined, our security is in jeopardy, and most importantly: Our survival depends on us adhering to the Principles our Founding Fathers left us. We can listen or we can Die. (as a Nation)

Americans have elected new leadership which aligns more to Christian values than the last! This is our new hope: "Make America Great Again, Under God!!!

Our MISSION: Educate Americans on the fact that America was founded on Christian Principles, and to perpetuate this fact to future generations. America's National Motto is "In GOD We Trust". This is under attack. Unless Christians get involved, we can all say "Goodbye America"

We need your help! Please support this God & Country effort with your donations, so we can get the word out. Our copyrighted American Cross can be a new symbol of God fearing AMERICANS. With your support we can produce "THE AMERICAN CROSS" in various products for Christian Americans to proudly display.



For your listening enjoyment:

God Bless America by The Marine Band Parris Island