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Welcome to GOD and COUNTRY!

Our morals have declined, our educational system no longer teaches or advocates adhering to the Christian principles our Founding Fathers cautioned us to not forget.  Our survival as a Nation depends on us adhering to these principles they left us.  We can listen or we can Die (as a Nation).

We need your help! Please support this God & Country effort with your donations, so we can get the word out. Our copyrighted American Cross can be a new symbol of God fearing AMERICANS. With your support we can produce “THE AMERICAN CROSS” in various products for Christian Americans to proudly display.

For your listening enjoyment:

God Bless America by The Marine Band Parris Island



It will be donated to the right protestant organization..

Hopefully it will be a Christian University, Christian Organization, or some entity that has a very good reputation in the Christian/Country arena and will be around for decades ahead. Patriot values are also important.

The founder, and sole person responsible for the Domain's content/operation is now over 80 years old and no longer able to do the work that needs to be done. Besides, it's not always good to have just one person in charge of content etc.

Only truly devoted Patriots and practicing Christians need apply. Just email or use the website.

Only organizations/institutions will be considered. The domain failed to accomplish its stated mission. Hence, I'm firing myself and trying to find a way to perpetuate the mission of "God and Country".
I will not make an autocratic decision. Close associates will be consulted.

God Bless,