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About Us

This web-site is a product of many people getting together to remind Americans just how America got so great.  These people come from all walks of life, churches, military, law enforcement, first responders etc.

The two most important things to most Americans are: their Religion; and their Country.  At least, that was true back when our Country was first started by our Founding Fathers.

We at “God and Country” have a MISSION!

Official Information

We are a Non-Profit Organization: organized under 501 (c) (3).  All donations are tax deductible.  IRS has also granted us “Public Charity” status.  Official name:  God and Country, Inc.  Registered with Secretary of State, AZ.  Federal EIN: 81-1088542.    PO Box 90 Colusa, CA 95932

CPA contact information available upon request.

America’s National Motto is:  “In God We Trust”;  not “In our government we trust”!

We welcome any constructive criticism or suggestions.