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Although we have “Products”; we don’t intend to SELL them!

We will just take Donations!

At first, we intend to offer the lower level (low cost) products, like Bumper Stickers and Frig Magnets, and Lapel Pins, free of charge, to all who ask for them. We trust (and pray) you will appreciate our efforts by making what you feel is an appropriate “Gift to God”. If our Faith in American Christians is rewarded early on; we will progress to more “Products” (symbols and logos of “American Christians”) which will cost more to produce and ship. Again, we will not charge for them. We will ship them to you, and you will decide if it is worth it to you, to display to the World what you believe in. If you donate enough to keep us in business, we will continue to work for you and Our God: the one that includes Jesus Christ as our Savior.

Bottom Line: You don’t spend a cent until you see what we are trying to do. You get FREE stuff in the mail and make a donation or you don’t. You’re in charge.

Wouldn’t it be nice if influential people in our Country, in place of the present American Flag Lapel pin, wore the God and Country pin? The Christian Cross & American Flag need to be united. See “Products” page. God and Country can, and must coexist: IF we want to survive as a country we started as.

  • If you don’t want the USA to continue to be a Christian nation, do nothing. We are on the way to becoming a DIFFERENT NATION.

What do you know about “Islam”? Ignorance is NOT bliss.

As you can tell by our About page, we are just a Mom & Pop operation, trusting in God that fellow Americans will provide the support to “spread the word” of America’s foundation (CHRISTIANITY). Not enough people today know this. We are the last generation, in my humble mind, that has a chance to turn America around from the direction God is not happy with.

WE ARE A NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION presently applying for 501  (c) (3) status.  Donations to tax exempt organizations are tax deductible.

Matthew 6: 1-4  |  Mark 12: 41-44

To contributors: We will be more than happy to provide the names of all our product suppliers, and service providers so you can verify our costs or whatever concerns you may have. Note: Our suppliers provide us with “Made in America” items.

When placing a donation online, you may use the following payment methods: 





If you would like to donate using a check:

God and Country
PO Box 13672
Sun Lakes, AZ 85248
payable to: God and Country